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Welcome To The Aarambh School

School education has long been misunderstood and misinterpreted as mere transfer of information from teacher to student. It is important for us as stakeholders of our children′s future to realize that children spend a huge chunk of their formative years in school. Therefore, school becomes the cradle for all important skills, attributes and values that the child develops. At The Aarambh School, we take cognizance of this fact and direct all activities towards ensuring that all the various facets of a child′s development are taken care of.

There are two major aspects of how The Aarambh School looks at ′Education for Life′:

• Development of practical life skills of the child to enable him to cope with the largely unknown and unpredictable future. These include skills like communication skills, social skills, research skills, critical thinking and self–management skills etc.

• Development of softer and yet most important aspect for children – values. It is important for children to learn about various facets which will make their life richer and more meaningful – importance of honesty, hard work and empathy; value of labor, patience, tolerance, responsibility, generosity etc.

Activities ranging from small initiatives like Community Lunches to projects relating to imminent problems faced by the city/ society make children more accommodating, empathetic and sensitive. This forms the bedrock for making more aware and responsible citizens of the world!

At The Aarambh School, we strongly believe that Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself !

Aarambh School About Us

Our Mission

क्षिप्रं भवति धर्मात्मा

The mission of the school is to impart such knowledge to its students that makes them empowered enough to make choices that are true to themselves, their parents, the society and their country.

Our Vision

तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय

Light of truth illuminates the path of righteousness and The Aarambh School with its unique approach to education welcomes this intrinsic trait present in every human being thus transforming them into better individuals for life.

Our Motto

सत्यम वध धर्म चर

The aarambh school is a humble initiatives to address the core purpose of education-choosing the best path of life and being strong enough to walk on it. Aiming towards the ultimate goal of education, The Aarambh School believes in not only breeding good students but to personify them into ‘better individuals’ for a lifetime.

Is taken from the Taitteriya Upanished and it makes the beginning, the Aarambh, of teaching education. For our students, it signifies the commencement of an ‘Education for Life’.


सर्व ज्ञानं मयि विद्यते

"The humans of nature and the nature of humans are in an eternal bond."

The Aarambh School's commitment is towards the civic life of the modern world. Best of conduct and alignment to truth is our credo and we hope to pass the same to our students. Our goal is to impart such education to our students that they choose the righteous path, always. We aim to restore a balance and provide a quality education such that humanity can make a difference and pass on a world that is worth living to our future generation. To nurture students who would contribute towards building meaningful relationships and their society and community is the divine dream of Aarambh.

- Palash Khandelwal, Vikram Thakur

Typical Day @Aarambh

When teaching, we sometimes lose sight of what our children are thinking. What goes on in their minds and how they feel about coming to school. To get our students’ perspective, once I asked a group of Aarambhar to describe their typical day to me. They took me on a journey so beautiful; I didn’t want to come back. Below are snapshots of what I learnt when I became an Aarambhar for a day:

“Ma’am, can you imagine getting up everyday at 6:00 am and getting ready in time for the school bus that reaches my stop at 7:15 every morning?”, she asked me innocently, unaware that I have to get up much earlier than that to prepare for the day.

“I have heard from my cousins and friends that this is the worst part of the day for them. I don’t know why they say that. For me, this is the most exciting part with a whole of learning, activities, and games ahead of me! In fact, after joining Aarambh, I have started to dislike Sundays because there is no school!”, she exclaimed.

“Wow, that sounds very exciting”, I egged her on to add more. “What is it that you like the best? Do you feel that the our specially designed assemblies are useful, or you wish that they go away?”

“Ma’am, I feel that the different assemblies that we have – Shruti assembly where we get to listen to different musical instruments in complete silence; Theme assemblies where we come up to date with current affairs and other assemblies where we get to listen to and chant different shlokas, prayers of different communities and inspirational songs – all of this have a very positive effect on me and my friends. That’s why I love our morning assemblies.”

“That is very interesting. What next? What do you like after that?” I prodded further.

“After the assembly, we go to our classrooms and sit in the ‘Circle of Life’. I love these 15 minutes because the teacher becomes our friend! She listens patiently to all of our thoughts and feelings and makes us comfortable which is a great way to start the day. I also love how ma’am talks to us about morals and values, life skills and also gives us a glimpse of the day ahead”. I was becoming more and more intrigued now with her narrative.

“Then comes the fruit break. Initially, I did not like the idea of eating fruits in the morning. I would much rather eat biscuits or Kurkure. But, the energy that fruits provide to me for the coming day is no match for such junk food!”

“After that, generally, we have a language class”, she added without needing any further encouragement. “Be it Hindi or English, all my friends and I really look forward to this because I get a chance to read. I have developed a habit of reading books now because of the amazing books that my teacher suggests to me. Now, any spare time I get, I just want to pick up a book and read!”

“Next we have our Maths class.”, she was unstoppable now! “On the first Maths class, ma’am started by telling us a story. We were all confused – is this a Maths class or English class? After the story ended, ma’am made us play a game. I thought to myself – this is the best class ever! And that is how we have been learning Maths ever since! All my friends just love the Maths class especially because how we are able to apply what we learn in school to solve problems in our life!”

Now I was truly immersed in her narration. “But you know what I really enjoy during school ma’am?” She did not wait for me answer. “The community lunch. It feels so awesome that all the students of Aarambh, along with our teachers, directors, every one sits down and has lunch together. We love sharing with everyone whatever we have brought for lunch and the conversations that we have with our juniors, seniors and teachers are just too good!”

She clearly did not need any further pushing. “After lunch, we go for sports. The different activities and games that we play are so much fun. In fact, the activities that sir makes us do are really helping me during my badminton practice in the evening. I have also learnt to play games like Kho-kho, sitoliya and my father is really happy because he says that these are games he played during his childhood. But what I enjoy most is learning to skate!”

I knew she could go and on about sports class, so I had to stop her. I asked her, “So what happens after sport? You must be really tired?” “Tired?”, she exclaimed! “We don’t get tired! After sports, we have EVS class. I really like EVS because we get a chance to ask so many questions. But the best part is to look for answers to these questions. We love exploring, experimenting, observing for our EVS assignments. Last week, we finished a survey of our society about different types of household wastes and now I know everything about waste!”

“And what about Music and Art classes. After you’ve had so much fun, do you really have energy left for those?” I questioned. She didn’t even pause for a breath. “Ma’am, next week, we are going to have a clay workshop that Art sir is organizing for us. After the fun I had during the bamboo art workshop, I can’t wait for that to start! And music class is so much fun too! We are learning the basics of classical music. My cousins say that it must be very boring. But the way Music sir teaches these makes it so interesting, I feel I want to grow up and become a musician!”

I did not want this conversation to end, but the school bell rang and it was time to go home. I completely agreed with what she had to say while getting up and leaving – “I don’t want to go home!”

Core Values


“Respect is a lesson that everyone should learn
Respect must be given before an expected return

Respect is something that’s given for free
Respect is about us and never about me

Respect is the basis on which relationships are founded
Respect is the anchor that keeps a person well grounded

Respect builds the character and defines who we are
Respect sets the standard and raises the bar

Respect is magnanimous and helps to fulfil
Respect is the partner that sits with good will

Respect is like honey so sweet it’s perceived
Respect a taste to savour for when it’s received!”

At Aarambh, we believe in respecting all our stakeholders at all times. We proudly say that we are one Aarambh family since we all respect each other for who we are and for our roots – so we are able to fulfil this amazing journey of happiness.


“God bless those who strive to be better. God bless those who learn to live in love. God bless those who fill their heart with empathy and compassion for all living things! ”

Being empathetic makes our heart pure, and we learn to live a life where we understand everyone around. Our school practices empathy at all the levels – be it by our Facilitators in the class to understand what the students are going through or by our students towards our Facilitators to make them feel loved and valued for the efforts they put in each day in order to provide an excellent education! We empathize with our parents by giving them a listening ear and by understanding that their love for their children cannot be compared to anything else and that they are our equal partners to bring about a positive change in our society. We empathize with our support staff by looking after them and helping them in their roles in the school, thereby creating an environment full of care for everyone.


“Commitment leads to action – Actions bring our dreams closer!”

Commitment makes us more resilient, more powerful and focused towards our aspirations. At Aarambh, we strive to remain committed to provide an education which is beyond the conventional classroom traditions.

We provide an environment where everyone is committed for a common goal –which is being happy and spreading happiness all around.


It’s about living a meaningful life and leave a legacy behind for the generations to come.This can be achieved by holistic development of all four faculties.


This pillar deals with the development of the cognitive ability, critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. It relates to the technical aspects of learning. Our lessons in the classes are about giving sufficient space to the children to collaborate with each other and connect their learning with the things they do and involve themselves in, everyday.

Both our Facilitators and the children ask a lot of questions and reason out the why behind everything. This makes our children more curious and open new paths for exploration for them!


This pillar deals with the physical development. The key to a healthy mind and heart is a healthy body. We, at Aarambh believe in having spaces for the students where they can concentrate on developing and maintaining their physical strength. A healthy body keeps the mind fresh maintaining the overall balance for a sound and a meaningful life!

We use this pillar to explain other concepts as well. All the concepts are thought to be taught in a way that students use some body movements and remain actively engaged in the classrooms.


This pillar deals with our emotions. Our heart is the fountain of all emotions. Emotions add meaning to the human life, its relationships and make this world a better place to live in.
Education can be called education in its true sense only when it is applied to create an impact in the society or in the environment to live in. Through our lessons, we endeavor to make our students sensitive beings.

At the end we want all the children to spread happiness all around and leave a mark wherever they go, and in doing whatever they do!


This pillar of our Philosophy deals with being Self-aware.

At Aarambh, we strive hard to provide an environment to our students, which definitely enrich their souls, and pave a path of success for them - which in our context mean that they will pave a path towards becoming better human beings.

Through our methodology, we ensure that the students are able to identify different problems around them and then strive hard to find solutions for them, thereby making an impact!